Why Staging?

Staging is about transformation.  At Stackhouse Staging and Interior Styling, we work hard to turn your home into a showcase, which sets your listing apart from the competition.  We create beautiful spaces so that buyers can envision themselves living, entertaining and enjoying themselves in their new sanctuary.  Buyers have become more selective as the result of the proliferation of home shows, where homes are expertly staged prior to listing.  Why wait until your home sits for weeks or months on the market and risk a price reduction? Stage first and reap immediate benefits.  Staged homes sell faster and usually for more money than unstaged homes (2016 Real Estate Staging Association statistics). We can provide the best in photography services to ensure your home dazzles on social media sites and search engines.  Selling a home is about online presentation more than ever.  The more gorgeous photos you have of your expertly staged listing, the more likely buyers will want to see your home in person.   Let us transform your listings into lovely, liveable, desirable places.

Our company provides a variety of staging services including Staging Consultations, Occupied Home Staging Days, Vacant Staging, and Organization and Packing Services billed at an hourly rate.

No monthly rental fees for first two months for occupied and vacant staging

Types of Staging



Occupied Staging

When sellers are still living in their homes but need additional on-trend accessories and decor to create an updated look, we can stage the home with items rented from our own inventory.  The staging day fee includes planning, shopping, packing, staging and de-staging days and start at $500 for a small condo or home under 1000 sq feet.  All staging contracts include the first month’s rental.  The addition of furniture such as dining tables and couches adds additional fees ranging from $100 to $1000 depending on the items needed.  Additional rental costs apply.   We do not prorate months.

We do not rent sheets or towels for sanitary reasons.  Clients would need to purchase plain white sheets and towels if recommended.  Remember that the cost of staging is always less than the cost of a price reduction, which typically starts at $10,000.  Stage first, sell faster, avoid losing money later.

Vacant Staging

We all know that it is harder to sell a vacant home than one that is occupied because most buyers have trouble picturing the possibilities of empty spaces.   We offer several vacant staging packages to highlight the focal points and positive characteristics of the most important rooms so buyers can envision themselves living and entertaining in the home.  Prices include the time spent planning, shopping, staging, de-staging, and restocking.  Rental contracts include first month’s rental payment.  Two-month minimum rental is required. Please call for an estimate as fees vary according to square footage, the number of rooms staged, and the luxury level of the home.

Vacant home staging starts at $1500 for a condo or home under 1000 sq feet.

We always stage the front door and entryway area.  Curb appeal and first impressions matter! 

Staging Consultations

Realtors and sellers get amazing value and return on a one to three hour staging consultation where we do a complete walk-through and thorough staging report.  The sellers get a complete evaluation of their home starting with the front door with room-by-room recommendations on how to transform their spaces into bright, attractive, picture-ready rooms.   We show them what needs to get packed up and may recommend inexpensive purchases of new decor they may need to give their home the wow factor that buyers love.   Realtors, ask me for referrals from your fellow realtors about how these consults have transformed their listings and helped them get top dollar for their sellers. The fees vary according to the square footage of the home, starting at $100 for homes under 1000 sq feet, up to $300 for homes over 6000 sq feet.  An additional $25 fee applies if you would like us to return prior to professional photos.