When sellers are still living in their homes but need additional on-trend accessories and decor to create an updated look, we can stage the home with items rented from our own inventory.  The staging day fee includes planning, shopping, packing, staging and de-staging days and start at $500 for a small condo or home under 1000 sq feet.  All staging contracts include the first month’s rental.  The addition of furniture such as dining tables and couches adds additional fees ranging from $100 to $1000 depending on the items needed.  Additional rental costs apply.   We do not prorate months.

We do not rent sheets or towels for sanitary reasons.  Clients would need to purchase plain white sheets and towels if recommended.  Remember that the cost of staging is always less than the cost of a price reduction, which typically starts at $10,000.  Stage first, sell faster, avoid losing money later.